Poinsettias for Christmas!


Bob Moore Subaru Delivers Poinsettias with Meals on Wheels

Bob Moore Subaru never passes up the opportunity to work with their community in and around Oklahoma City. Year after year, our dealership partners with local organizations to reach unseen or underserved demographics in the area to help improve their day-to-day lives whenever possible. This year, Bob Moore Subaru partners up with meals on wheels to make their subscribers a little more cheerful and engaged in the Christmas spirit. Meals on Wheels America serves thousands of people across the country and helps homebound residents of their respective chapters access food, services, and other supplies. Bob Moore Ford takes the Subaru Love Promise to heart and dedicates time and resources to the communities of Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, and the rest of the region.

Bob Moore Subaru

Even Bob Moore Subaru gets to have its favorite holiday, and as such chose to celebrate Christmas of 2021 with the local meals on wheels chapter. To help spread the cheer and messages of the Christmas season, the dealership partnered with meals on wheels to provide the delivery of Poinsettias to meals on wheels recipients in Norman. One of our employees took the initiative to load up a brand-new Subaru Forester with dozens of poinsettia bouquets and went door to door with flowers in hand. Each recipient was more than thrilled at the chance to brighten their homes with the beautiful addition of bright-red poinsettias. Luckily our Foresters can handle quite a bit of cargo because this vehicle was filled to the brim with our contributions to local seniors this year for Christmas.

Meals on Wheels America

Bob Moore Subaru is proud to partner with an amazing organization such as Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels began small and local but has grown on a national scale. The organization consists of many independent chapters nationally, with some growth overseas. Meals on Wheels is a community-based group and is dedicated to providing food, necessities, services, and more to residents who find themselves unable to leave their homes for a multitude of different reasons. The demographics of Meals on Wheels generally cater to seniors that are homebound and can provide help regarding isolation, hunger, and so much more. Volunteers are essential to Meals on Wheels on a national scale, so Bob Moore Subaru never passes on a chance to support such an outstanding cause.

Subaru Love Promise

The Subaru Love Promise is an initiative from Subaru of America to make the everyday lives of people and animals better, and provide outreach for environmental conservancy and preservation. Subaru has partnered with dozens of organizations around the world and has tasked its hundreds of dealerships nationwide to give back to their communities in whichever way possible. As part of the Subaru Love Promise, Subaru of America has initiatives that cover environmental preservation, education, minimizing child hunger, medical care, and research, and animal welfare. Every year, the Subaru Love Promise causes an increase, and results can be found within each and every Subaru dealership across the United States.