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Routine Maintenance to Keep Your Subaru Running

Unless you're a car enthusiast or grease monkey yourself, it can be overwhelming to try to remember what types of maintenance or services need to be done to your Subaru and when. We understand that not every Subaru owner is a car expert, and that's okay - it's why our team of factory-trained technicians at Bob Moore Subaru in Oklahoma City are here to do the hard work for you. We've compiled the following information to help you understand the top maintenance needs for your Subaru, so you can spend less time worrying about service and more time out enjoying the open road.

Maintaining Your Brakes

If your Subaru's brakes aren't in prime condition to help you come to a stop safely, it puts you and those around you on the roads of OKC at risk. Thankfully, our service team here at Bob Moore Subaru are experts in this field and can keep your brakes in tip-top condition. Whether you're cruising around in a Forester, Crosstrek, or any other Subaru, our factory-trained technicians know exactly which brakes are best to have you stopping in no time.When it comes time to replace your brakes, the obvious choice is Genuine Subaru brake pads. Engineered by Subaru to help you stop safely, Genuine Subaru brake pads will keep you in control while keeping your vehicle balanced. Yes, there are dozens of other brake pads and parts available, but when you choose Genuine Subaru brake pads you are selecting parts that are specifically optimized for your vehicle.

Battery Maintenance

Uh oh. That gut-sinking feeling hits when you go to turn on your car and the battery won't start. When it's time to replace or check the state of your battery, the team at Bob Moore Subaru has got your back. There are a lot of factors that play into your battery's functionality, from usage to the temperatures it is exposed to, which is why we always check the health of your battery upon every multi-point inspection. If you're concerned about your battery's performance, bring it down to our service center today and let us run a battery health test for you with our Subaru battery tester.Just like your tv remote or smoke detector in your home, the battery in your Subaru needs to be replaced every so often. When that time comes, be sure to come to Bob Moore Subaru in OKC. Our service team will ensure you get the right replacement battery to keep your Subaru running perfectly smooth, and we will continue to check it for you whenever you need it.

Replacing Your Air Filters

You change your air filters in your home often to ensure the gross stuff gets filtered out and the air circulating your home stays clean. The air filters in your Subaru are there for the same reason, to keep fresh, clean air flowing through your cabin and engine when cruising the streets of Oklahoma City. There are two air filters in every Subaru: an engine air filter and a cabin air filter. When you come see our team at Bob Moore Subaru for a multi-point inspection, we will check both filters and advise you if replacements are needed.Once your filters are past their prime and it's time to replace them, don't settle for any generic filter as a replacement. Let our team of factory-trained technicians get you stocked with Genuine Subaru filters that are custom-fit to your Subaru. With no worries of gapping or extra space for particles to squeeze through, you can breathe easy on every drive.

Windshield Wiper Maintenance

While you don't use them every single day, properly-functioning windshield wipers are crucial for keeping your visibility at its peak when driving in inclement weather. When your blades start jumping, skipping, and smearing all over, come see our service team at Bob Moore Subaru right here in OKC. Our experts will advise you on the best wiper blade replacements for your Subaru, so you can have a crystal-clear ride, no matter the weather. Keep in mind that harsh weather conditions throughout the year will cause the blades to become brittle and dry, so you will want to replace your windshield wipers at least once a year.

Keeping Your Subaru's Shocks and Struts Maintained

One of the things that sets Subaru apart is that all its vehicles feature Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, so you can take on the open road with confidence. Your Subaru's shocks and struts help your all-wheel-drive powerhouse ride smooth and steady, whether you're on the highway or a dirt road. When you come see the service team at Bob Moore Subaru for a multi-point inspection, we will ensure your shocks, struts, and the rest of your vehicle's suspension system are up to snuff. But if they're not, don't worry, our factory-trained technicians know every part and repair needed to get them functioning properly again.

Advanced Repairs

Every Subaru owner knows that routine maintenance is necessary to keep their car functioning properly for years to come. Sometimes though, more serious repairs are required. Whether you've gotten into some type of accident, or you've driven your Subaru hard for years and it's gotten some significant wear and tear under the hood, you can trust our team at Bob Moore Subaru with all your Subaru repair needs. Our techs are experts in their field and know how to handle any part replacement, maintenance need, or major repair that you could bring us.When it comes time for major work to be done on your Subaru, you can trust that our team will work diligently to get your car back on the road. Our parts department is fully stocked with Genuine Subaru Parts, so you can drive with confidence that you can only get with parts designed specifically for your vehicle. Plus, using Genuine Subaru Parts ensures that all your Subaru's systems, like Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, EyeSight, and more, are working together properly to give you the best drive. Don't risk performance with generic parts from a generic shop, demand the best with Bob Moore Subaru and Genuine Subaru Parts.


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