Help Your Subaru run its Best in any Climate

To help you keep your Subaru in prime condition to handle whatever weather comes your way, the team at Bob Moore Subaru in OKC wants to pass along our best practices for each type of climate you may face.

As the seasons change, and depending on where you live or travel, you and your Subaru will encounter various types of weather. Whether it's warm, mild, or cold, your Subaru will be able to handle anything if you follow our prep guide.


Warm Climate Preparation

Warm climates are great for exploring the great outdoors at any time of the year, whether it's a moderately mild area or somewhere that stays noticeably warmer year-round, with a fair amount of rainfall in winter months. Whether you want to explore a coastal town or take a drive through the desert, your Subaru can handle it when properly prepared. Summers can get hot here in Oklahoma City, and although exact weather patterns will vary in different areas, here are some general best practices to get your Subaru ready for a warm climate:

    • Inspect your tires: check tire pressure, tread depth and condition
    • Consider using summer tires instead of their all-season counterparts
    • Test your Subaru's battery
    • Review the A/C system
    • Check that the oil level is correct
    • Check all fluid levels
    • Ensure wipers and exterior lights are in good condition
    • Check that brake pads and components are functioning properly
    • Inspect the engine air and cabin air filters

Prepping for Summer

Moderate Climate Preparation

If you're looking to take in the best of all four seasons, areas with a moderate climate are best for you. These climates will have elements of both warm and cold climate areas, experiencing a bit of snow each winter and warmer weather and some rain come summertime. If you're looking to live in or visit areas with varying degrees of weather like this, you will want to do the following to get your Subaru ready:

    • Inspect your tires by checking tire pressure, tread depth and condition
    • Consider using all-season tires
    • Check your Subaru's oil level
    • Check all fluid levels to ensure optimum performance
    • Inspect the heating, cooling, and defroster systems each season
    • Test the battery
    • Check that wipers and exterior lights are in good condition
    • Check the components of the suspension system
    • Check the wheel alignment
    • Check the brake pads and components

Prepping for Spring

Prepping for Fall

Cold Climate Preparation

For the Subaru owner who likes it on the cooler side, don't worry, your vehicle can handle colder climates, too. Areas with colder climates generally have longer winters, with heavy snow that starts earlier in the year and lasts later than the other climates we've discussed thus far. Summers are warm and will have rain, but winter is your main concern in these areas. Does this sound like an OKC winter to you? Whether you live in a colder climate or are just planning a road trip to one, here are the best ways to prepare your Subaru for the cold:

    • Consider purchasing winter tires
    • Check and adjust tire pressure regularly as cold temperatures will decrease tire pressure
    • Check tire tread depth
    • Check the oil level
    • Check all fluid levels in your Subaru
    • Make sure to use windshield washer fluid designed for freezing temperatures
    • Ensure that wiper blades and exterior lights are in good condition
    • Test the battery
    • Check the brake pads and components
    • Check the heating and defroster systems

Prepping for Winter

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