Symmetrical AWD

AWD Subaru vehicles in Oklahoma City 

Symmetrical AWD

When you're traveling down some off-beaten path, you want to know that your vehicle is going to be able to handle the rough terrain. All-wheel drive gives you an edge over dirt, mud and other challenging conditions. This system is also ideal on slippery road conditions or to take on the snow and ice as you travel north. However, symmetrical all-wheel drive from Subaru is even better.

The traditional all-wheel drive vehicle waits for slippery conditions before it takes action with a strong grip. Symmetrical AWD provides a faster response with an even distribution of power and balance to get more traction and stability while providing an efficient ride.

The Power Behind Symmetrical AWD

This system provides maximum traction by sending power to all four wheels at the same time. This happens because the engine is mounted right in line with the drivetrain. Power is transferred to all wheels with fewer components. Other all-wheel drive systems require extra components for that transfer of power with complicated designs that reduce efficiency. You also end up with a lower maintenance cost with the symmetrical AWD.

The design of this system improves control on the road and stability in slippery conditions. The vehicle keeps a firm grip on the road because it gets power to the wheels that have the most traction. All-wheel drive helps to balance out the challenges of front-wheel drive with understeering and rear-wheel drive with oversteering.

Symmetrical AWD works with other safety features on Subaru models, such as electronic brake-force distribution to help you maintain control in all kinds of situations. This system is standard on all Subaru models except the BRZ. You can find out more and take one of these models for a test drive to experience this system for yourself when you visit Bob Moore Subaru. Stop in today in Oklahoma City and find out how you can make a Subaru AWD model your own.