EyeSight Driver Assist

EyeSight Driver Assist

Subaru EyeSight

The Subaru EyeSight Safety System is the culmination of all of the knowledge of Subaru Engineers as it pertains to alerts and assistive systems. Debuted originally in 2008 as a single, rear-view camera, Subaru EyeSight has evolved by leaps and bounds and is now found on an array of various Subaru Models. Today, the Subaru EyeSight System consists of a minimum two front-facing cameras and a singular rear camera along with a series of radar systems that help you see the world around you. For what you can’t directly see, Subaru even gives you audio and visual alerts to make your time behind the wheel more enjoyable.

One of the most exciting features about Subaru EyeSight is the development and implementation of the Adaptive Cruise Control. This cruise control system is easily turned on and off as well as customized right from your steering wheel. Quickly and easily select your preferred speed to match the flow of traffic, and choose your preference on your distance from the vehicle in front of you. Using EyeSight, your Subaru locks on to the vehicle ahead of you and maintains your preselected distance by accelerating and braking automatically. Whether your adaptive cruise control system is on or off, you can also take advantage of the lane centering assist, which adjusts your steering wheel to stay perfectly centered using the camera’s lane tracing ability.

Subaru’s safety systems do more to help you stay actively aware of your front, rear, and side surroundings. While your average CrosstrekOutback, or Ascent may not have the blind spots of a heavy-duty truck or full-size work van, there is still a huge advantage to having a rear camera that can cover a full 180-degree view. Eyesight also serves you while you are in reverse, and detects any motion that occurs within the view of the camera. When it does detect motion, a pedestrian, or a suddenly appearing obstruction of some kind, the vehicle sends you a series of audio and visual alerts, and in extreme cases will enact its automatic rear emergency braking. Subaru has even made cleaning the camera hassle-free; simply enable your windshield wiping fluid on your rear window and the camera practically cleans itself.

Subaru EyeSight can help you take a lot of the guesswork out of driving with its automated assistive systems and series of visual alerts. Your Subaru can help you see where you can’t, as it can detect vehicles and obstructions within five feet on either side of your vehicle. When something is detected within this range, lights pop up on both rear-view mirrors indicating that there is an object in your blind spot. Pre-Collision braking helps mitigate frontal collisions, and along with detecting obstructions ahead it aids you in braking your vehicle and even possibly coming to a full and safe stop. When obstacles are detected, Subaru EyeSight also enables Pre-Collision Throttle Control, which drastically decreases power sent to the engine to help mitigate impact. This series of safety systems is one of the many reasons that Subaru vehicles earned top spots with the IIHS in 2019 and 2020.