Service Specials

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Service Coupons at Bob Moore Subaru

Even though Foresters and Ascents were built to last into the highest miles, keeping your vehicle on the road begins with an excellent maintenance routine. After the first few thousand miles logged in your newest Subaru, it’s time to take it into the service center at Bob Moore Subaru. Tune-ups, inspections, and routine services such as oil and filter changes are the best way to handle regular wear and tear on your vehicle and prevent the need for major repairs. Bob Moore Subaru understands the importance of keeping your Subaru in great shape and provides a rotating menu of service specials to help you save big while working to keep your vehicle in the best shape. Vehicle owners across the region including EdmondOklahoma City, and Moore have easy access to great savings at our Service Center.

Available Service Specials

Even with our great deals on new and used Subaru vehicles, we can help you save even more money while keeping your newest purchase or your well-loved vehicle in great condition. Bob Moore Subaru offers a range of service specials and coupons that can ease the price tag of your visit. Service and maintenance coupons often include:

  • Oil and oil filter discounts
  • Specials on tires and tire rotations
  • Air and Cabin filter coupons
  • Fluid flushes and replacements
  • Full interior and exterior detail
  • Discounts on your next service
  • Accessory discounts

And so much more. In addition to regular coupons on many commonly performed services, we also offer general specials on overall service costs or special discounts on accessories. Bob Moore Subaru has helped drivers from all over the region save money while keeping their vehicles in top shape.

Importance of Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle with routine services such as brake inspections and oil changes is the first step to giving your vehicle a long life. Regular maintenance can keep all of your car’s components functioning at their best, which often means maintaining your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, keeping it safe on the roadways, and preventing major components from breaking. Change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation, and rotate your tires often to prevent uneven wear on your tire’s treads. As you drive, pay attention to any odd pulling, vibrations, or noises. These may be indicators of a larger problem such as brake or engine issues, but catching these issues early can help prevent huge costs down the line.

Service Center

Bob Moore Subaru’s factory-trained service team puts your vehicle’s care as their top priority. Our team is well-versed in a wide range of makes, models, and model years so anyone can trust that their vehicle is in great hands. Our service center offers everything from routine maintenance to big fixes including transmission, heating and air-conditioning, and engine rebuilds. We understand that the day-to-day business of our many local drivers makes it difficult to schedule an appointment, which is why we offer an express service with no appointment needed. We also offer financing options with our services as well as full parts, tires, and accessories catalog. Schedule with us today either online or by phone.