Subaru Safety

Subaru Safety

Subaru: The Best in Safety

Decades of Subaru vehicles through multiple generation and dozens of different models have all shared one thing: they’re all outstandingly safe. As true today as it was for the first Forester, or the very first Outback, Subaru has gone to extensive lengths to ensure structurally sound vehicles with impeccable architecture and engineering. Today, better safety comes with the advancement of technology, and through this is how Subaru sees an all-new level of safety features for its vehicles. Find out about the safety components of modern Subaru vehicles, and how a combination of cameras, alerts, and assistive systems can keep you safer on the road.

Subaru EyeSight is the end result of everything that the company’s engineers know about the latest safety technology. Originally began in 2008 as the worlds first stereo camera, the system has evolved to incorporate a ton of safety and driver-assistive systems to take the stress out of the more intense moments of driving. The EyeSight System comprises of two or more forward cameras and one rear facing camera, with additional radar support. These enable your vehicle to posses such abilities as adaptive cruise control, lane tracing with blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, front and rear collision alerts and more. Subaru helps its drivers maintain a peace of mind during those tougher drives.

In 2019, Subaru debuted its newest contribution to automotive safety with the DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System first seen on the 2019 Forester. The DriverFocus system is the first of its kind seen within a vehicle, and would soon set the bar for keeping drivers focused. Its easy to get distracted while driving, whether you’re on your phone, toggling the center console, or watching something outside, Subaru understands your eyes may not always be on the road. In order to ease distractions, Subaru has developed interior cameras that detect when your eyes are facing anywhere besides straight ahead, and send a series of audio and visual alerts in order to redirect your attention.

Subaru brings on StarLink as its infotainment system, but it also serves a higher purpose as your gateway to emergency response and remote connectivity to monitor your vehicle. StarLink Safety Plus provides automatic contact with first responders in the event your airbags deploy and allow for communication with them through your car’s speakers until they arrive. StarLink also enables an “S.O.S” button located above your center dash, which contacts local emergency services. StarLink Security Plus allows you to keep tabs on your vehicle, even when its not there, which is a great feature for younger or newer drivers. Set speed limits, curfews, boundaries, and more and receive notifications on location and in the event of a collision

While evolving technology is a great way to implement safety features, the structure of a Subaru is your best barrier between yourself and the outside world. Subaru vehicles posses a high-strength ring shaped frame which serves as a highlight of the structural integrity of the vehicle. A low-placed engine gives additional protection to the passenger side in the event of a collision. Many models are also equipped with features such as traction and stability control, symmetrical all-wheel drive, and ABS systems.