Subaru StarLink

Symmetrical AWD

Subaru StarLink

Originally first implemented for 2016 Subaru Models, the Subaru StarLink system has become the gold standard for Subaru’s vehicle infotainment system across nearly all available models. StarLink has opened the world to Subaru drivers across all walks of life, from the Crosstreks to the massive Ascents and down the athletic WRX, Starlink reigns as a top connectivity system. The system gives you a ton of options to help you stay in better touch with your vehicle, entertain yourself and your passengers on those long drives, and to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

All-In-One Multimedia Center

StarLink is your window to entertainment while you’re behind the wheel of your brand-new Subaru, and there are many ways to fully take advantage of the available infotainment system. The newest Subaru Outbacks feature a massive, 11.8-inch display screen which gives you all the space you need to fully customize your StarLink Panel. The system supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and is compatible with many modern smartphones. Additionally, you can use StarLink to wirelessly pair your phone with BlueTooth as well as use the operating system hands-free. StarLink is Sirius XM ready, so you can enjoy over 150 channels that cover news, music, talk, comedy, and even the golden age of classic radio shows. There are other apps available with StarLink that include IHeartRadio, Yelp, Magellan, and Stitcher.

Easily Find Everything You Need

Starlink can help you plan your next trip and navigate through those unknown roads. Subaru vehicles equipped with StarLink offers a full navigation system that can be operated either by touch or by voice, with activation controls located right on the steering wheel. This system is operated by GPS master TomTom, and you can even add in stops along the way for the best route to cover all your trip’s needs. StarLink also offers the upgradable StarLink Concierge Package. The Concierge addition provides an all-new level of convenience for you as you can schedule appointments, make reservations, find event tickets, and even search for nearby points of interest. StarLink Concierge connects you directly to a Customer Care Representative to help you handle everything.

StarLink Brings You More Safety and Security Options

Starlink also offers additional services known as StarLink Safety Plus and StarLink Security Plus. Safety Plus subscriptions give you an automatic connection to first responders in the event of a collision or other emergency, and allows you to communicate directly to them through your vehicle’s speakers. You also have emergency assistance on demand by simply activating the “SOS” Button that is located near the vehicle’s rear-view mirror. Security Plus add-ons let enable the use of connectivity through your smartphone. This opens up an entirely new way to connect with your Subaru, and enables features such as remote start with climate control and stolen vehicle recovery. You can also use Security Plus to monitor newer drivers by sending speed, boundary, and curfew alerts to your Subaru and be alerted to any collisions and monitor your vehicles information right from your smartphone.