Subaru Wilderness


Subaru Wilderness at Bob Moore Subaru

Subaru has always been known for quality and longevity. Buyers love that this manufacturer is happy to provide a product designed to last and deliver long-term value. Now, there is an added upgrade option for all those adventurous folks out there who want to see the off-road world in a Subaru. The Wilderness package adds all the features you need for your perfect expedition vehicle. When you are ready to join the fun, the team at Bob Moore Subaru is excited to introduce you to all the rugged features of the Subaru Wilderness package. Added Functionality
Subaru Wilderness

When you are headed out on your next adventure by turning off the paved road outside Norman or Edmond, you are sure to appreciate all the perks of driving a Subaru Wilderness. These innovative upgrades include:

  • Standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive – so you have all the traction you need in any weather, and on any path or trail you discover in your Wilderness
  • Enhanced Dual-Function X-MODE – this takes you to the next level with settings for SNOW/DIRT and DEEP SNOW/MUD, so you never need to worry about getting stuck
  • Revised Gear Ratios – so you can make that slow and steady approach to scale or climb with control and confidence.
  • 9 Inches Plus for Ground Clearance – so you can climb, crawl, or scale whatever you encounter on the trails, and a skid plate for extra protection when you are rolling over anything that gets in your way
  • All-Terrain Tires – because the Wilderness is ready to handle mud, snow, gravel, rocks, and any other surface that would stop a typical street tire
  • Redesigned Bumpers – for a better approach and departure angle when on steep terrain or climbing massive obstacles – this feature also included re-tuned suspension to make rolling over those big bumps in the trail less jarring and to increase driver control
  • Upgraded Roof Rails – because you always want to have all the gear you need for your adventure, and roof rails are the ideal place for added storage without making passengers feel cramped
  • Super Functional Rear Seat – the protective cover on the back of the rear seat is designed to offer the durability you need when folding the seats down for pets and added gear
  • Durable, Water-Resistant StarTex Upholstery – A rugged off-road vehicle needs durable upholstery that can stand up to the dirt, mud, water, and other challenges that would ruin the competition

Subtle Yet Valuable Features

These last few perks of the Wilderness, while not as essential as the first items, are a testament to Subaru’s attention to detail. On the exterior, you will appreciate the rugged bumper and protective panels that let you explore with no worries. And the matte black alloy wheels let everyone know you are ready for adventure. There is even a black hood decal to eliminate glare when climbing and maneuvering off-road. Finally, the Wilderness offers a few unique visual bonuses like the Geyser Blue exterior, Wilderness badging, and the black trim with anodized copper accents.

Visit Bob Moore Subaru in Oklahoma City to learn more about the Wilderness package and enjoy the path less traveled in a Subaru.