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Safety & Security

The Subaru STARLINK™ system, which is included in many Subaru vehicles from the 2018 and 2019 model years, has multimedia, navigation and WiFi connectivity features. However, the most vital aspect of the STARLINK™ system may be the safety and security programs. The STARLINK™ technology allows communication with first responders and others who can provide aid in the event of an accident, a stolen vehicle or a breakdown.

The Automatic Collision Notification program incorporated into Subaru STARLINK™ has sensors that can detect a serious accident. When these sensors are tripped, a Subaru customer service representative will contact you through the STARLINK™ system and alert the necessary first responders if required. The STARLINK™ system also includes Enhanced Roadside Assistance, which can be activated by simply pressing the overhead blue “i” button when non-emergency roadside assistance is necessary. Help will be dispatched to your location, which will be determined from the vehicle’s GPS system.

The STARLINK™ system also has a Stolen Vehicle Recovery Program. This program can send the GPS location to the police so your vehicle can be recovered as quickly as possible. Finally, STARLINK™ incorporates Remote Services, which include remote locking and unlocking, remote lights and horn activation and a remote vehicle location function.

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Multimedia Features

The Subaru STARLINK™ system also includes several enticing multimedia functions. Apple CarPlay™ is standard to make it easy to connect your iPhone® and use compatible applications. Android Auto™ is also standard, and it serves much the same function for occupants that have Android phones. The STARLINK™ system even includes Pandora® functionality, which provides access to a stream of music from any genre you can think of.

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GPS Navigation With Voice Command

The Subaru STARLINK™ system includes GPS navigation with voice command functionality. It can also be controlled with a high-resolution touchscreen. The touchscreen is large for optimal visibility, and is positioned within easy reach of the driver to make using it as convenient as possible. A TomTom© navigation system is optional, and it can also be integrated into the Subaru STARLINK™ system.

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WiFi Connectivity

The most impressive feature of the STARLINK™ system may very well be the WiFi connectivity technology. This feature uses a 4G LTE signal, so the WiFi connectivity can be accessed from the vast majority of the country. The 4G speed means that the connection is both quick and reliable.

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